Koln 3D Technology (Medical) Limited

KOLN 3D Technology (Medical) Ltd. is a pioneering metal 3D-printing medical supplier in Hong Kong, specializing in customized one-stop digital health solutions.
Bridging the expertise of doctors and bioengineers, KOLN 3D employs the latest AI and robotic technologies to produce patient-specific medical devices, including bone implants, surgical jigs, guides, and customized instruments, catering to each patient’s unique anatomy and surgeon’s specific needs.

We take initiative in revolutionizing the industry, setting up exemplar perimeters for quality control, and ensuring the safety, biocompatibility, and sustainability of our products as well as their manufacturing process.

KOLN 3D is a locally based company with global outreach, collaborating with academic and medical institutes across China, Asia, and Europe, exploring the possibilities of 3D printing, extending its clinical application beyond orthopedics, and continuously improving surgical outcomes.

We strive to restore and rejuvenate, for the benefit of the body, mind, and spirit.