LATI, Amir 藍天銘

Mr. Amir Lati

  • Consul General of Israel, Consulate General of Israel

Mr. Amir Lati has been Consul General of the State of Israel in Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR since September 2021. A graduate of B. A. in Economics and East Asian Studies at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Mr. Lati pursued his interest in Chinese Studies at Beijing University under a Chinese Government Scholarship. His further studies included MA in Democratic studies at the Open University of Israel as well as an MBA in Finance and Organizational Behavior at Tel Aviv University. Since joining Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1999, Mr. Lati served at the Embassy of Israel in Abuja, Nigeria (2001) and Canberra, Australia (2003); at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters in Jerusalem (MFA) as Deputy Director of West and South Africa, African Division (2005-2006); Deputy Consul General of Israel in Shanghai (2006-2010) and Consul General in Chengdu (2014-2018). From 2019 till his arrival in Hong Kong, Mr. Lati was the Director, the North East Asia department, Asia and Pacific division in Israel’s MFA. He speaks Hebrew, English, Proficient Chinese and basic Korean.