YUAN Xudong 袁旭东

Dr. Yuan Xudong

  • CEO, ACON Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Dr. Xudong Yuan is the founder and CEO of ACON Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Yuan obtained his PhD from the College of Pharmacy in University of Georgia. Dr. Yuan had been a professor at Nova Southern University and Long Island University doing research in siRNA and drug delivery systems. Then he transitioned from academia to the pharmaceutical industry and worked in J&J, GSK, and RB at different levels, participating in different product development. Dr. Yuan also worked in smaller biotech companies, such as NAL and iView as senior director and VP in charge of R&D, manufacturing, and clinical studies. Dr. Yuan founded ACON Pharmaceuticals in 2020, and focuses on developing siRNA, mRNA therapeutics and complex drug delivery systems, such as nanoparticles, nanocrystals, and microspheres.