CHEN Wei 陈伟

Wei Chen, PhD, Professor

  • Professor, China National Clinical Research Center for Neurological Diseases, Tiantan Hospital, Capital Medical University

Dr. Chen has led a comprehensive translational research team focusing on the molecular mechanism of G protein-coupled receptor regulation and the development of new drugs. He discovered novel mechanisms in the regulation of non-classical G protein-coupled receptors by β-arrestin and GRKs, including receptors such as Frizzled, Smoothened, and TGFβIII.  He established an image-based drug screening platform, aiming to discover new drugs for the treatment of brain and other diseases stemmed from his own discoveries. Thus far his research team has discovered 1) bioactive ingredients in FDA-approved glucocorticoid drugs and natural products promoting stem cell proliferation for regenerative medicine, 2) a new therapy for stroke, 3) effective inhibitors for the treatment of Hedgehog-dependent medulloblastoma, and 4) novel small molecules for the treatment of refractory epilepsy.

He received the honor of “Scholar” from the V Foundation and the American Cancer Society. He has authored over 50 publications and 10 patents in the area of receptor biology and drug discovery