CHEN Xiang-Jun 陈向军

Professor Chen Xiang-Jun

  • Xiangjun Chen M.D. & Ph.D.
  • Deputy head, Scientific Research of Medical School, Fudan University Shanghai Medical School
  • Professor of Neurology, Chief physician, Doctoral supervisor
  • Vice Chair, Institute of Neurology, Fudan University
  • Vice Chair, Institute of Rheumatology, Immunology & Allergy, Fudan University
  • PI, Human Phenome Institute, Fudan University
  • Deputy director, Huashan Hospital Core Laboratory
  • Shanghai “Pu-Jiang talent”
  • Deputy Secretary General, 12th Council of Shanghai Immunology Society; & Chairman of the Neuroimmunology Committee, Shanghai Immunology Society
  • Council member, Chinese Society for Immunology
  • Committee member, International Peripheral Nerve Society
  • Committee member, Standardization Administration of China (SAC / TC559)

Research Interests
(1) Animal model and pathogenesis of motor neuron disease / amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (“Lou Gehrig’s disease”); especially focus on the retrograde axonal transport and the pyroptosis-based mechanism of motor neuron degeneration;
(2) Cohort-based phenotypic characterization and pathogenesis of neuroimmune diseases, especially focus on the common immune pathogenesis of encephalitis, neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders, multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, myasthenia gravis, etc;
(3) High-throughput and accurate detection technology of neuroimmune diseases; and the translational study of neuro-immunological biomarkers based on molecular biology, immunofluorescence labeling, bioinformatics and other edge-cutting technologies.