CHENG Hoi Lok 郑凯乐

Hoi Lok Cheng Ph.D.

  • VectorBuilder CDMO Application Scientist

Hoi Lok received his BEng of Applied Chemistry from Osaka University, Japan, and his PhD from the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, NUS, Singapore. With many years of academic research training on organic chemistry and molecular biology, he later worked on several post-doctoral projects including artificial oligonucleotide xenobiology, small binding proteins, commercial neutralizing assay development etc. in A*STAR, Singapore and SMART, Singapore.

After joining the VectorBuilder team, Hoi Lok accumulated substantial expertise in CMC of plasmid DNAs and viral vectors, as well as in GMP and corresponding regulatory guidelines from global authorities. Having facilitated multiple IND-enabling projects, Hoi Lok is now responsible for VectorBuilder’s CDMO R&D, technical support, business development, and project management.