FU Xin-Yuan 傅新元

Xin-Yuan Fu, PhD

  • Chair Professor, West China Hospital, Chengdu
  • Founder and CSO, GenEros BioPharma, Hangzhou, China

Xin-Yuan Fu received his PhD in molecular biology at Columbia University in 1988 (Mentor: James Manley); postdoctoral training in Rockefeller University with James Darnell (1988-1991).  Dr Fu was an Assistant Professor in Mt Sinai School of Medicine NY (1992-1994); an Associate Professor at Yale University (1994-2003), a Full Professor at Indiana University (2004-2015).  Prof. Fu was the founding director of Tsinghua Institute of Genome Research of Tsinghua University, China (2000-2006) and the Head of Department of Biochemistry of National University of Singapore (2008-2011), Principle scientist and Professor, Cancer Science Institute of Singapore (2008-2018). Recently Professor Fu is taking academic positions in China, and developing therapeutics against inflammatory diseases. Dr Fu and his colleagues discovered the STAT gene family and the JAK-STAT signaling Pathway (Fu and Darnell et al, PNAS 89:7840-7843, 1992; Fu, Cell, 70:323-335, 1992). He has made a number of seminal discoveries in molecular mechanisms of mammalian development, immunity and diseases in the past 30 years. Particularly, in the past 23 years since Dr Fu’s original discovery, there are about 40,000 publications on the JAK-STAT pathway, and over five FDA approved drugs against the JAK-STAT. Recently, Fu laboratory is focusing on STAT’s role in regulation of inflammation, development and cancer. GenEros BioPharma is a cutting-edge drug discovery company founded by Dr Xin-Yuan Fu in 2015. GenEros pipelines focus on precision of medicine across inflammatory diseases and cancer.