WANG Huifang 王惠芳

Dr. Huifang Wang

  • Secretary-General, Shenzhen Biotech & industry Cleaning Association

Wang Huifang holds a PhD from the School of Basic Medicine (Pharmacy) at Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, an MBA from the School of Business Administration at Dalian University of Technology, a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a PHARMACY TECHNICIAN diploma from Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand.

She is currently a deputy to the Second People’s Congress of Pingshan District, Shenzhen City, Secretary-General of Shenzhen Biotech & industry Cleaning Association, and the founding and current Secretary-General of Shenzhen Pingshan District High-Level Talents Association.

She has successively served as the after-sales service manager of the marketing department of Shenzhen Joincare Group, the pharmaceutical sales manager of the marketing department of Sinopharm Shenzhen Zhijun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the purchasing department manager of Sinopharm Shenzhen Jianfeng Pharmaceutical Company, the pharmacist assistant of NEW PHARMACY pharmacy in New Zealand, and the Shenzhen Enterprise Alliance Subsidiaries of the Association/Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Association: General Manager and Legal Person of Shenzhen Qilian Sanhui Economic and Trade Development Co., Ltd., Executive Deputy Secretary-General of Shenzhen Enterprise Federation/Shenzhen Entrepreneurs Association, China Joint Venture Company of Oxford University Science and Technology Innovation Center in the UK: Executive President of Shenzhen Zhongjin International Technology Transfer Center and Executive President of Shenzhen Pharmaceutical Industry Association.

Dr. Wang Huifang has worked in the pharmaceutical field for nearly 30 years and has been engaged in industry association services for nearly 10 years. She is familiar with high-level talent services in various fields. She has led the release of 5 industry group standards, including “Clean Engineering Project Quotas” and the supporting “Clean Engineering Projects” “Quota Supporting Pricing Software” has made great contributions to promoting the development of the clean industry; compiled the “Clean Industry Blue Book” to fill the gap in China; coordinated government functional departments, organized universities, law firms, and leading Chinese companies to promote the “Shenzhen Special Economic Zone” Legislate the Regulations on the Development of Clean Industry; cooperate with universities and relevant government departments of vocational education to promote the training and level evaluation of clean engineering technicians to help the high-quality development of China’s clean industry; be familiar with GMP, GLP, GSP and other relevant laws and regulations in the pharmaceutical field, and specialize in medicine, Full-process project management of decoration and decoration of laboratories and factory clean rooms in food and other fields.