ZHANG Yang 张杨

Dr. Zhang Yang

  • CEO, Westlake Medical Sci. Ltd

Arthur Yang Zhang, PhD MBA: Dr. Zhang is a MedTech entrepreneur and the founder of Westlake Medical Sci. Ltd. The series B startup focuses on MEMS technology applications in medical treatments. Dr. Zhang invented world’s first µRFthera system for Overactive Bladder (OAB) that has been adopted by over 15 leading public hospitals. Over 450 severe OAB patients received this procedure with over 75% of efficacy in reducing episodes to normal situations. The microRF technology also has profound impact in antiaging purposes. Dr. Zhang is the author of over 20 articles on international journals, and the inventor of over 40 international patents on micro devices. Prior to his entrepreneurial effort, Arthur served as Partner of Plug and Play Tech Center, technical director of Calit2 Irvine as well as Postdoc Researcher at the Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility. Dr. Zhang’s Ph.D. work at UC Irvine and UCLA LArge Plasma Device was supported by a Regents’ Fellowship and a Department of Energy grant. Arthur also received an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management, with a concentration on entrepreneurship.