BIOHK 2023 Student Ambassador Program Information Sheet

What is BIOHK2023?

BIOHK, or Hong Kong International Biotechnology Convention, is an annual international convention organized by the Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization (HKBIO) to introduce novel state-of-the-art biotech innovations from around the globe, with the purpose of providing an extensive platform to allow pioneers of the biotech industry to convene (e.g., scholars, investors, entrepreneurs). This year, BIOHK will be held from 13-16 September 2023 at Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center, with the theme of Biotech Kaleidoscope. From infectious diseases like COVID-19 to the latest cancer treatments and diagnostics to big data analytics, BIOHK2023 hopes to cover the most relevant and timely topics in biotechnology. For the latest information on the event, please visit

BIOHK2023 Student Ambassador Program

This year, BIOHK launches the BIOHK Student Ambassador Program, for talents in Hong Kong who are passionate about biotechnology and aspire to make a positive impact on the industry to participate as student ambassadors. The benefits and outcomes, duties and responsibilities, and application procedures are listed below.

  1. Objectives

We aim to support the personal and career development of local biotech talents through learning about the latest biotech development and industry landscape, networking with potential supervisors, and gaining experience in a conference organization.

2. Benefits and Outcomes

As a BIOHK Student Ambassador, you will earn the following:

  • Networking opportunities with industry leaders and experts
  • Complimentary registration and priority access to BIOHK 2023
  • Certificate of contribution
  • Payment (the exact amount will depend on the level of contribution).
  • Awards will be given to the best ambassador in each team.

3. Duties and Responsibilities

The program will begin from June 2023 (once the application is approved) to 16th September 2023 (the end of the convention).

According to the order of interest in the application form, successful applicants will be allocated to one of the four teams. They are the Event planning team, Promotion team, Publication team, and Event helper team.

Examples of tasks:

  • Event Planning Team: proposal of the guest list
  • Promotion Team: social media, pamphlet design
  • Publication Team: online article, program notes
  • Even Helper Team: answering and redirecting emails, registration, photo taking

Within each team, there should be at least one full-time helper (team head), who will be paid monthly and will be responsible for weekly meetings with other team heads, task design, and communication with student ambassadors. Meanwhile, part-time ambassadors will help with the tasks assigned by the team head, attend the convention and share the convention within their social network. Payment will be given based on contribution.

4. Eligibility

All undergraduate students or graduates of science, engineering, computer science, or business–related degrees in Hong Kong are eligible for application.

5. Application

Please submit the application form via by 24th June 2023 (Saturday). Any late submission will not be accepted. Applicants will then be selected by their academic results, biotech-related experience, career plan, and strengths/ skills. Supporting documents may include a personal photo, curriculum vitae, transcript, letter of recommendation, etc. In case of an overwhelming number of applicants, interviews will be arranged (details to be announced).

Contact information

Program Director: Bobo Hung