CHAN Kar Lun Gallant 陳嘉倫

Dr. CHAN Kar Lun, Gallant 陳嘉倫

  • Founding Director and Principal Scientist

Dr. CHAN is now the CEO and Principal Scientist of Gallant Biotechnology Limited who was Research Associate of Division of Life Science and Center for Chinese Medicine at HKUST and Research Assistant Professor of HKUST Shenzhen Research Institute. He has strong enthusiasm in developing quality assurance standards in valuable Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and nutraceuticals. He has been trained as a molecular biologist during his study of undergraduate and Master of Philosophy. After that, he has applied molecular authentication on TCM materials for more than 15 years. During the years he studied in HKUST, Dr. CHAN has equipped himself with frontier technology of quality control including the application of LC-MS/MS, macroscopic and microscopic identification of TCM and different cellular and pharmaceutical assays. His expertise is using multi-disciplinal quality assurance methods on a single specific subject. This style has been fully revealed on his PhD thesis about the quality assurance study on cubilose/edible bird‘s nest (EBN). After he has obtained his PhD in 2013, Dr. Chan switch his focus on cosmetics science and development of nutraceuticals products. In need of seeking new targets for product development, Dr. Chan also keen on developing high-throughput screening technology for drug screening. From 2013 to 2021, he has been involved in managing more than 10 government funded projects. He has published 38 papers on international scientific journals and 26 patents. He was the chief editor of a special issue of the scientific journal eCAM.