ZHANG Jimmy 張志民


  • 百華協會創始會員兼前主席
  • Vinta Bio創始人、前主席和行政總裁。
  • 前禮來亞洲基金創始合夥人
  • 前強生創新商務合作全球副總裁
  • 前默沙東(美國默克製藥公司)大中華區早期投資董事總經理
  • 前百濟神州董事

Dr. Jimmy Zhang has 20+ years of experience and expertise in large pharmas and start-up companies, in strategy, management, business development, and operations, as well as in venture investments. Jimmy is Founder, former Chairman and CEO, Vinta Bio, Inc.. He was a Venture Partner at Lilly Asia Ventures (LAV), Vice President of Transactions at Johnson & Johnson, and Managing Director, MSD Early Investments – Greater China at Merck & Co., Board Director of BeiGene.  Jimmy was previously SVP at Synergenics, a consultant at McKinsey, a registered patent agent in Morrison & Foerster, and a project manager at Chiron. Jimmy was a founding member and former Chairman of BayHelix Group.  He holds an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management, a PhD in biomedical sciences from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, and a BS in biochemistry from Nanjing University. Jimmy published in Cell, Nature, Neuron, and JBC, and holds multiple patents.